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Trinity is a blend of equal parts Ideal H2O, Bliss Package and Forever Young. This tincture blend supports enhanced clarity, endurance and groundedness. Very next level combo of energies supportive of waking up.


1/4 oz, 1 oz

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Haven Willis

Almost impossible to imagine a better product!
After playing drums on tour for the past three weeks, I can say that Trinity has been the most important product in my regiment for creating and maintaining health, radiance and balance. I highly recommend for anyone, but especially for those who play music and spend significant time in a venue/bar room setting!
The difference is immediate and unmistakable!
Thank You Win!!

Barron Von Barron

After being on the road with a band and drinking and smoking cigarettes night after night, TRINITY has been a god send for clarity and nullifying hangover reality.
Grateful to have this product in my life.
Love and warmth,



Quantum Sunlight’s products are a beautiful experience. My daily go to for a high-frequency sustainable heart opening. Trinity gives me the opportunity to create a safe space for opening and softening the edges of the harder stresses in life. I feel a big difference!  Working with Melissa, I am beginning to feel my own quantum field and as I partake in the alchemy of this product I know more insights will come. Thank you for making the world better!


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