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Next Level



Modeled after Iboga, this quantum tincture creates a deeper awareness of the nature of the cosmos, the origin of consciousness and our journeys to return to a pure state of being. This tincture offers clarity of connect to the world through the body-mind-spirit connect. Reconnect to yourself and Mother Gaia with new vitality through this tincture.Next Level is a powerful teacher and can be a bit rough to experience, showing us the underdeveloped or ignored parts of ourselves we might otherwise not look at.  On the flip side, Next Level teaches about the mysteries of Time, The Metaverse, and that which lays beyond both. This tincture can last for several hours to several days, depending on dosage – not recommended for everyone! In most cases Next Level creates a deep sense of resolution, gratitude and acceptance for life and the human experience. This one is definitely Docta Approved!


1/4 oz, 1 oz


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