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Modeled after MDA, this tincture produces a mild stimulating high accompanied by enhanced internal visuals and a deeper journey experience. Melissa seems to have more potent physical properties compared to Marisa with strong mood elevating properties & gentle systemic waves of pleasure.  Great addition to social settings when no motor vehicle operation is necessary.  Has a gentle opening of heart and emotional space, increased levels of energy and slight euphoria.


1/4 oz, 1 oz

5 reviews for Melissa


Thank you for your Melissa tincture! It enables me to vibrate at a higher level therefore attracting more positive life experiences. And it’s nice to go through my day with a smile on my face.


Genuinely Effective!
Accessing ease, upliftment and energy is a common selling point for all too many products in the supplement industry, and one that is rarely, if ever, fulfilled.
This product is in no uncertain terms an exception to this trend, supporting dynamic energy and facilitating motivation, openness and depth on multiple levels, making this product a versatile and accessible option.
I find it helpful for maintaining direction, presence and performance at work, for ease and grace in social settings, and for supporting openness and empathy with loved ones. Melissa is also exceptional as an athletic aid for sustained physical, mental and spiritual activity.
Highly Recommended!

Cynthia Machado

Using Melissa has helped me on multiple levels. I found that in addition to supporting my energy levels and overall sense of well-being, I was surprised to find that this formula supported a profound realignment of my neurological system. I had been struggling with tinnitus and equilibrium issues, and within one week of taking Melissa these issues have greatly improved. I feel much more balanced and clear!
Highly recommended!

Don DeVito

Moto on with “Melissa”

I don’t write reviews, but I am inspired to write one now. As an avid motorcyclist and former motocross racer, I found a product every biker needs! Getting dehydrated and losing your edge while riding is a common problem. Coffee, energy drinks and water are just not enough to keep us sparked up. Quantum Sunlight Solutions, especially Melissa, are a must for the rider to keep their edge to ride safe and fast. A few drops in between motos or at stops for gas while touring, and you’re good! Buy this stuff and ride fast, long and make that bermshot!


Quantum Sunlight’s products are a beautiful experience. My daily go to for a high-frequency sustainable heart opening. Trinity gives me the opportunity to create a safe space for opening and softening the edges of the harder stresses in life. I feel a big difference! Working with Melissa, I am beginning to feel my own quantum field and as I partake in the alchemy of this product I know more insights will come. Thank you for making the world better!

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